Arrival to Nis

Nis is based in southeast part of Serbia, remoted 220 km
from Belgrade. If you coming to Nis from Belgrade side, it would be the best to look for highway A-1 / E-75.

You should be careful about police patrols and radars!!!

Organizer will have possibility to take you from
Belgrade to Nis, in case you are coming by plane. Also, Nis’s airport operate with low cost companies like Ryan Air, and Wizz Air.


HQ is based in centre of Nis, close to Nisava river, named as “Oficirski dom” (Officier’s house) address is Orlovica Pavla 28a, Nis.

GPS N 43’19.410, E 021’53.904

There will be possible to keep your gears, it will be locked and secured.
First general briefing will be there, and transportation of pilots will start from there every morning.

Finding and take-offs

Two take-offs are on Svrljiske Mountains. Svrljiske Mountains is the highest point East from Nis. Third take off is close to Niska banja (Niska spa), 10km away from Nis.

Main take-offs:

Svrljiske planine
• Take-off: Visegrad, at 1010 m.(GPS N 43’21.386, E 022’5.587)

Svrljiske planine
• Take-off: Fakir, at 980 m. (GPS N 43’21.692, E 022’5.389)

Suva planina
• Take-off: Niska banja, at 550 m. (GPS N 43’17.136, E 022’0.523)